Common Vision

The concordant responsibility philosophy and creative action mode form the scale eect, promoting the continuous in-depth development of CSR in China. In this way, more enterprises become “GoldenBee Enterprises” and make joint eorts to build human beings’ homeland for sustainable development.

Bees have lived on the earth for 120 million years. What is the secret of its sustainability?

Coexisting with the environment and the society, bees gather honey and make honey, not only meeting their own need but also supplying to mankind. They carry the pollen, and provide indispensable catalysts for the growth of plants. As a result, they could have wider sources to gather honey. That is why bees are able to exist for 120 million years.

There are enterprises just like bees, dedicated to creating harmonious relationship with the environment and the society, constantly improving their responsibility competitiveness and pursuing sustainable development. We call them “Golden- Bee Enterprises”.


Building responsibility competitiveness and strengthening the action force via a platform for innovation and communication

Strengthening the communication and cooperation between enterprises and stakeholders via brand new sustainable cross-border cooperation platforms and organizations

Promoting CSR development and the sustainability between enterprises and society via valuable action projects

Responsible Action of GoldenBee 2020


  • Innovative management and business models

  • Sustainable products and services

  • Aspiration for reform

  • New Commercial Civilization

Low Carbon

  • Low carbon

  • Energy saving and emissions reduction

  • Life-cycle of green product

  • Green and smart manufacturing

  • Sustainable packaging

  • Packaging recycling

  • Green value chain

Supply Chain

  • Sustainable supply chain management

  • Innovative integration and open growth of resources

Water Resources

  • Rational use of water resources

  • Hua Yan· Water Resources Saving and Protection


  • Regional sustainability model

  • Improve the local environment

  • Promote local development


  • Promoting sustainable development via information technology

  • Narrowing digital gap

  • Ensuring customers’ information safety

Energy Eciency Management

  • Energy technology innovation and comprehensive energy eciency management


  • Food safety

  • Financial assistance to rural education

  • Protecting and improving the crops

Inclusive Growth

  • Supporting vulnerable groups

  • Strategic goal and charitable activities

  • Sense of responsibility and corporate citizenship


  • the value of employee and self-realization

  • Harmonious internal environment

  • Health and safety

Inclusive Credit

  • Credit innovation to benet all

Active Aging

  • Smart aging and healthy life

Selecting the Action Issues

The selection of action issues based on the characteristics of enterprises and the requirements of times and the society

Course of Action

Setting the Issues

    Selecting several issues based on the goal of achieving a well-o society in an all-round manner by 2020 as well as the society’s requirements for CSR practices by enterprises

Looking for Model Enterprises

    Looking for GoldenBee model enterprises. Specic action issues selected according to the actual situation of the model enterprises

Starting the Project

    Initiators launch the action initiatives, integrate resources and make action plans with the respondents.

Deepening the Project Cooperation

    To implement the project, actions and assessment standards should be in place.

Project entering the next milestone

    Comparing the results with the original goal, integrating resources related to the China GoldenBee CSR Council and holding a series of events, including featured forums, international seminars, communications among stakeholders and so forth to share experiences and report the results.


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